The Qu: Artist to look out for – Jeffrey Augustine Songco

Jeffrey Augustine Songco is a fabulous young artist who recently contacted The Qu and asked if we could do a feature on him. After reviewing his amazing work the answer was, of course, YES! This 27 year old queer artist, now living and working as an artist in San Francisco is an someone that we think you should know! Follow him on TWITTER or check out his contributions to Art21 Blog! Click here for information on his current show!

Jeffrey is a multi-media artist. He was born and raised in New Jersey, USA to Filipino parents. He is classically trained in ballet and voice and was a cast member of the original American production of Children of Eden. He has appeared on stage with such performers as Betty Buckley and Deborah Gibson and has studied and worked with such artists as Tony Labat, Allan deSouza, Tim Sullivan, Ayanah Moor, and the House of Diehl. He holds a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. Jeffrey would like to be the US representative to the 2023 Venice Biennale.

Jeffrey in his own words: “My obsessive consumption of goods translates into a production of peculiar appropriation. There’s a lot of stuff out there to play with – in my world, seemingly opposing things (as objects) and ideas (as discourses) share the spotlight in peaceful harmony. I believe my artwork produces an infectious feeling of anxiety that can only be alleviated by a) the acceptance of the fluidity of meaning, 2) the impossibility of fully comprehending the absurd, and d) the inability to control your own laughter.”

“The New York Times recently began a series of short videos about gay youth titled, ‘Coming Out’. I thought I’d share my experience as a closeted youth and how that affected the person I am today.”

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