Planned Parenthood support grows as Susan G. Komen cuts funding.

Planned Parenthood support grows as Susan G. Komen cuts funding.

Yesterday the internet was a buzz from the news that Susan G Komen for the Cure organization was cutting funding to Planned Parenthood. Thousand of people flocked to social media outlets to show their disapproval while 6000 people donated to PP totaling $400,000 in donations. Komen claimed in a statement that they were cutting ties due to a federal investigation on Planned Parenthood. While Komen claims that their reasons had nothing to do with politics or the fact that PP offers abortions. To further the accusations of Komen playing politics the CEO Nancy G Brinker is a major GOP donor and Vice President of public policy KareN. Handel is known as a huge Sarah Palin supporter. Brinker is puling almost half a million a year as CEO, while Planned Parenthood use 3% of their budget to perform abortions. The two videos below, one from Young Turks and the another from Nancy G. Brinker. Brinker’s video almost seems straight out the McCain Straight Talk Campaign out of 2008. Unfortunately this decision can affects thousands of women without health insurance that need breast examines and cancer care, but you can help by donating here.



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