New Mexico is ruining Valentine's Day! Hearing On Anti-Gay Marriage Legislation Held

New Mexico is taking back marriage on Valentine’s Day. Today the Defense of Marriage Act HR22 will be placed on the agenda of the House Consumer and Public Affairs.

HR22 will ban New Mexico from recognizing legal marriages from other states between same-sex couples. So unless you are a straight married couple you are out of luck.

Rep. David Chaves came is the man fighting for this to be passed even after hundreds of emails and phone calls from people opposing the measure.

Pat Davis, from ProgressNow NM said, “Perhaps he is tone deaf, or just thinks this is funny, but to propose legislation to create second-class relationships on Valentine’s Day is absurd. Representative Chavez has had enough of his own relationship troubles exposed to the public. Why would he possibly want to put thousands of loving and committed couples through the same public trials on a day made for celebrating love?”

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