The Qu Presents: Shuteye

Elysia & Alena

Shuteye, the explosive musical collaboration of award-winning singer-songwriter Elysia Hang-fu and veteran DJ Alena Ratner, is living proof that the best things come in twos. The innovative Chicago duo has succeeded in creating their very own genre of music a distinct, category-defying sound that is emotional, stirring and electrifying. Before joining forces, Elysia and Alena were accomplished musicians in their own right, but each was searching for something more a fresh, new musical endeavor that would challenge and inspire their musical instincts. Very fortuitously, both artists had spent several years writing music and lyrics on their own, so each had amassed an impressive body of unused material by the time they met in 2010. Shortly after crossing paths, the pair realized they were each other’s missing piece. They fused their artistry, reinventing, adapting and blending their individual concepts into the unique electronic sound that would ultimately come to define Shuteye. Elysia and Alena’s inherent musical chemistry shines through on their debut EP Sun Night Sky, which is scheduled for release in December of 2011. The EP is the first release off their album Hush Hush which will be released in 2012.

Come to their event February 23rd at Berlin Chicago at 10pm hosted by Whitney from The Real L Word!

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