BREAKING NEWS: Possible Murder/Suicide in Colorado

(Via Montrose Daily Press)

There is a breaking story developing in Colorado of a possible murder/suicide. Police were called to a home after neighbors heard gunshots on Saturday. When police arrived they found the bodies of Randy Briggs (31) and Charity Kay Gilbert (20). The home was owned by Briggs and another woman. According to Gilbert and the woman’s Facebook the two women were engaged.

Police cannot say at this time who the shooter was until the pathology report are in from the autopsies. Montrose police commander, Gene Lillard, has told the press however that Briggs is a person of interest and there are no other suspects. “We have not made a determination about what went on,” Lillard said. “There are no more victims. Nobody else was injured during the incident.”

After police obtained a search warrant for the house, they found four small children inside who were unharmed, as well as a message written on the side of Briggs’ pickup truck. The message was not revealed to the press.

Update: The Montrose County coroner has confirmed the murder/suicide.
Gilbert’s death was homicide as the result of multiple gunshot wounds Saturday at Briggs’ home on South Forty Drive.

Briggs, 31, died of a single gunshot wound that was self-inflicted after he shot Gilbert, 20, in the presence of another woman, who reportedly was engaged to Gilbert. The other woman fled to safety and was not injured.

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