Queer Reading Materials: Bravest Women, Love and Beach House, Nicole Garneau's letter, and featured tumblr.

Queer Reading Materials: Bravest Women, Love and Beach House, Nicole Garneau’s letter, and featured tumblr.
by Joey Grant

This is a weekly post of everything I am reading in regards to gender, queer, society, culture and race. It’s all things I read and think others should take the time to read. Some articles are to show how to better your perspective and some to show how people are doing the opposite.

TRIGGER WARNING: This story is about a Seattle lesbian couple who were brutally raped and murdered with only one partner surviving. It left me crying and wanting to rush to my partners arms. A horrific crime stole the future of this budding romance, and people should know this story.

I love Beach House and this article shows the relationship between memories and the association with sound. Unfourtantly for the writer the connected memories are of a broken relationship, but still an undying love for the dream like music that is Beach House.

Nicole Garneau recently left Chicago and a community of folks who miss her dearly. She is a beautiful soul who brings performances that is much needed and valued. We encouraged her to write an open letter to her heart-sick queer family, in which she spoke about Copenhagen, the loss of a loved one, and body image. A must read even if you never met her.

This weeks featured Tumblr is someone who I think has amazing style and charm Andy Siharath. AS is a photographer, fashionista, and the editor of LQQKS Magazine. One thing Andy is always giving is FIERCE looks and in order to see them all and follow them you should check out Andy’s Tumblr below.


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