Fag Rags – Queer and Pleasant Danger

Fag Rags – Queer and Pleasant Danger

In her new memoir, “A Queer and Pleasant Danger,” self-proclaimed gender outlaw Kate Bornstein tells the amazing tale of their life’s tumultuous journey, from chubby Jewish boy in New Jersey, through 12 years in the Church of Scientology, gender reassignment surgery, and their life today as an outspoken advocate on gender issues. Never afraid to ruffle feathers, Kate has marched forth despite their “fair game” status in the Church of Scientology (not a good thing) and harsh criticism from the transgender community. It has been an inspiration and a delight to read Kate’s story in their own words, not to mention an exercise in respectful pronouns. Stay tuned to The Qu for an interview with “the tattooed tranny” coming in the next few weeks!! “A QUEER AND PLEASANT DANGER” is available May 1. GET IT! It’s good.

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2 comments on “Fag Rags – Queer and Pleasant Danger
  1. Thank you, dear heart, for saying such lovely things about the book. I’m glad you enjoyed the read, and I appreciate your sweet wishes. kiss kiss, Kate PS – yes, we must do some sort of coffee or meal!

  2. […] Pleasant Danger, was reviewed by The Qu‘s very own Ben Kramer in his monthly book review, Fag Rags. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Kate coming this […]

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