Hello, and welcome to The Qu

This is a rough workshop of a podcast The Qu will be producing soon. We would love to know what you think.

Hello, and welcome to The Qu. The world keeps turning, and while that is still true the opinions of all culture groups matter. In the past few years the voices of queer people have gotten louder. Making a positive presence in the world is a major step in our journey to equality. That is where The Qu comes in. This NEW podcast will bring everyday issues to the listeners from the perspective of queer people. It is the goal of this show, to make our listeners aware that the queer community is much more than just “gay issues.” The LGBTQ community live and are affected by the world and its policies just like everyone else, and our opinions matter. Listen as the panel discusses a wide range of topics that affect the world as a whole. We share the planet, now let us share our views. The Qu is the voice of our community. The Q is U.

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2 comments on “Hello, and welcome to The Qu
  1. Erik says:

    make it shorter, edit it, and use music bumps.

  2. anna says:

    yes, i totally agree with Joey on Same-Sex marriage should be a federal law and on Hilary Clinton 100%! She should run for President again, please Hilary PLEASE! As for the length of the show, yes, a little too long, music bumps good too,

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