The Q needs U to help make a dying wish come true

A long time positive light within the Chicago queer community is fading, lets see if we can work our magic to make his final wish come true!

The Make-A-Cuchi-Cuchi Foundation was established July 11, 2012 to help realize the dying wish of Ken, a man who has touched so many lived in Chicago.

Those who know Ken know him as the fabulous high priest of the Church of Sparkle Magic; a wonderful man who has touched many people (especially at the Manhole). His love for glitter and kitsch and everything beautiful about life is why he is so important to so many – and loved by all.

Not to mention, a lifelong fan of the amazing and talented Charo.

However, Ken was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that immediately metastasized; the doctors basically gave him a death sentence. He’s been fighting the cancer with treatment and love from his friends, but his time left on this earth is running out.

That’s why we thought we could give him the ultimate parting gift – a visit from Charo herself, bringing him some sparkle magic to his last days and giving him something to smile about.

We need your help!

We don’t know what it’s going to take to get Charo to visit him – but whether it’s money, a kickstarter, or some kind of contact with Charo herself, we want to do anything it takes to make this happen in the short amount of time Ken has left. Help the Make-A-Cuchi-Cuchi Foundation go viral, and let’s send Ken off in style.

And Charo, if you see this – just stop in for a few minutes and see him, give him a kiss, maybe play some genius flamenco guitar. Let him know how much we all love him. We’ll take care of your hotel/airfare and any stipend you require. Just PLEASE HELP US!

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One comment on “The Q needs U to help make a dying wish come true
  1. Sarah Marmor says:

    This is a link to a site for Charo’s booker.

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