ABC Family Picks Up Controversial Jennifer Lopez Pilot

(via She Knows Reality TV Magazine)

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is finished with American Idol, but her TV career is just beginning! The pop diva has been busy working as the producer for The Fosters, a new dramedy following the antics of of a lesbian couple. The pilot for this new show is set to air on ABC Family? Does JLo have what it takes to be the next big producer, or will the show be a bust?

Already having tackled Hollywood, the Top 40 charts and the world of reality TV, Jennifer Lopez is now ready to move on to television drama. Her first big step involves producing The Fosters, a promising but controversial new show that has some JLo fans shaking their heads. The Fosters takes a modern look at family life, following a lesbian couple heading a multi-ethnic household made up of both biological and foster children. The cast for The Fosters has not yet been announced. It will be interesting to see who winds up playing the main roles, as this casting will certainly make or break the new show.

The Fosters is just one of several projects JLo has been involved with. Her production company is behind the romantic comedy Taming Ben Taylor and is reportedly set to produce a movie version of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? If rumors are correct, JLo just might be starring as Carmen San Diego, the protagonist of one of the world’s favorite educational games.

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