Republican National Convention: racism, lies, pleas and chairs

Republican National Convention: racism, lies, pleas and chairs

The Republican National Convention is over and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the official candidates.The theme was “We Built This”, which was a direct jab at a recent remarks made by President Obama.

Racism took place at the convention but never took center stage. Little coverage has been made about the incident between some attendees and a CNN camerawoman Patricia Carroll. in which the assaulters threw peanuts at her and screamed racial slurs.

Ann Romney was considered the star of the convention with a speech that would show human side of Mitt Romney. Her speech was an obvious plea for women to vote for this incredibly anti-women rights ticket. Ann was recently quoted saying this about women and the current election. It was really odd hearing a women who has no idea what it’s like to have an economic struggle talk about the difficulty of classism, and then flip to how Mitt is so successful.

“It’s time for the grown-up to come, the man that’s going to take this seriously, that’s going to take the future of our children very, very seriously.”

Paul Ryan gave a speech in which multiple new-sources including FOX news called him out for blatantly lying and actually created their own fact checking sheet.

Clint Eastwood brought a whole new level of weird to this year Republican convention

An Obama nemesis changes her tune and throw her endorsement to another Obama administration. LOL yea right, it’s Jan Brewer, but we do hope to see a commercial using her misspoken words in the near future.

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One comment on “Republican National Convention: racism, lies, pleas and chairs
  1. anna says:

    so much to say. Ann Romney, when i find a woman to have as a wife, it will just as real as a marriage as you and Willard. Also, one should not brag, or have others do it for you, about their good deeds, because then the deed has less meaning. And to help out a neightbor in need, that’s just being s humsn being. I am betting that Ryan aka Satan’s spawn can see Russia from Sarah Palin’s backyard too. As for Clint, well, i respect his acting but that entire speech with phantom Obama just freaked me out. Just weird, made no sense. And Jan Brewer, i don’t think it’s a wise choice to have racist homophobic people protecting America’s borders. You know, if it were up to you, you would put armed racist homophobes at the borders it would just be a free for all at the o.k corral. All politicions suck but Romney/Ryan would suck as back to the Pilgrim era if it were up to them. >:[

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