DNC Day One Wrap Up


That was a hell of a first day, huh? I think most of us can agree on one thing, so far, the 2012 election hasn’t exactly been captivating. While the 983 debates for the 327 Republican candidates last fall/winter/spring were some what amusing, there was just far too much crazy to even get remotely concerned with because it was all so over the top and unrealistic. What I found myself most upset about wasn’t even the hateful, uncloaked aggression of the Republican candidates, it was the absence of the Democrats taking the opportunity to roast every single one of the candidates and the Republican platform of hatred. I’ve seen them attack their own (What’s up, Dennis Kucinich) with more fervor than they ever did Newt Gingrich and that guy is one of the main culprits in the witch-hunt against Bill Clinton.

After last night though, it seems they’ve been saving up steam for the convention and Massachusetts Governor Deval Partick’s speech last night made no bones about it while blasting Romney’s record as Governor of his fair state and he declared that the time had come for the Democrats to “grow a backbone!”

Just before the convention, the Democratic party announced that Marriage Equality and Immigration Fairness were now officially part of the party’s platform and boy was that clear last night. The entire night was themed after the great strides the party has made and plans to make in the Civil Rights Movement and perfectly illustrated by the speech given by Lilly Leadbetter, whose story of workplace discrimination addresses pretty much every contentious point between the parties. It also doesn’t hurt matters to have someone point out to the fatigued Obama supporters, (hi, that’s me) that Obama, in fact, has not been sitting on his ass disappointing the shit out of us nearly as much as our Facebook feeds would lead most to believe.

San Antonio Mayor, Julian Castro gave a pretty awesome speech about the importance of opportunity in America and how you know, when you have an elevator for your car, you might just not be aware of how much opportunity you were handed at birth than if your family gave up everything to give you just a little. I know there’s a lot of talk of Castro being a potential candidate himself one day but, his speech felt a little over polished and lacked the fire needed to really bring the point home. I guess democrats breathing fire all night long would have probably scared all those “swing-voters” off and into the spongy, wonder bread arms of Mitt Romney and Company but, are conventions really for the undecided at this point? Isn’t the whole point of this spectacle to energize the base and rally us all to the cause?

Speaking of political theatre, can we talk about the amazing evocation of Ted Kennedy? WOW! Could Ted Kennedy in death transcend his short-comings in life to serve as holy a political symbol for the left as Reagan is to the right? Could be! I thought this was a great way to solidify the idea that the Democrats have been fighting the good fight forever but I think they kind of missed a really great way to illustrate how the favored sons of this country can give back. Romney, from a financial perspective, isn’t that much different from the Kennedy family. However, in the political sense, the contrast couldn’t be more stark. While Joe Kennedy Sr. was certainly no holy saint, the idea he instilled in his family to pay their luck back through public service is one that is incredibly important.

Michelle Obama capped off the night reminding us of the humble beginnings of the first couple. Everyone loved it, just like they did in 2008 which is great because you know, it was pretty much the same speech. But hey, who doesn’t love Michelle Obama? No one. Except assholes. And jerks.

I wasn’t planning on watching any of the convention this time around but after last night, I’ve totally changed my mind. Let’s hope Bernie Sanders lights an effigy of Darth Vader on fire before this thing is over, yeah?

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