DNC Day Three Wrap Up

Well, that sure was a lot of talking in three days now wasn’t it?

Where was Al Gore in all this? Did Joe Biden get his teeth capped? Why isn’t anyone talking about how last night was some sort of war of the worst ties I’ve ever seen on an adult person? Oh, I see we can go on for 3 days about Michelle Obama’s dress, but we aren’t gonna talk about how 90% of the DNC needs the number of a good tailor? Well then.

The best quote of the night, shockingly came out of War Hero, Former Senator and Ketchup Heir, John Kerry, who when discussing Mitt Romney’s belief that Russia is our number one global threat said:

“Four years ago,?Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from Alaska. Romney talks like he’s only seen Russia from watching?Rocky IV,”

Where was this guy in 2004? Remember when Al Gore showed up on SNL being awesome and hilarious after the Supreme Court fucked him over and took his elected position as Commander in Chief away from him, sealing the bloodless coup that Halliburton launced in Florida? What’s with the democrats stifling their guys into these bore-bots during the election only to let us find out after the slaughter that they were actually not made out of wood?

It’s like the Democrats are always trying to bait and switch but do it in the wrong direction, OR DO THEY?

You know, I want to believe all this hyperbole about how awesome America is and that the Democrats are fighting for all that is good and right in the world. I couldn’t have eaten that shit up fast enough four years ago. This time though, I know damn well y’all are going to pull that football out from underneath me again, just like you do every election cycle. So I am not going to recap the president’s acceptance speech with stars in my eyes and justice in my heart because I don’t buy it enough to do so.

Here is what I do walk away from three days of unbridled spectacle and theatre with:

The GOP has no illusion that Mitt Romney is going to win this election. They aren’t going to serve up someone with a chance in a year where their party has essentially collapsed do to a fringe element having taken control. Sure, Romney is raising money faster than floodwater in a basement, but that money isn’t going to Romney per se so much as it is going towards the more shadowy elements of the upcoming election.

The GOP is trying to purge voter roles of minorities and the lower classes. They are rallying the fringe, not in an attempt to win an unelectable election for president, but to make sure that less publicized, less-understood local and gubernatorial elections go their way. The reason I am going to now beg you as passionately as I possibly can to vote and volunteer this fall, is that this is the only way we are going to stop the GOP from stripping away every single right they can. The Democrats might not be the people I want in office, but they are the only thing stopping a shitstorm that I don’t want in my world. I don’t want people getting hit with poll taxes, having their right to vote stripped away. I don’t want voucher healthcare. I don’t want to see unions busted. I don’t want education privatized and accessible only to the chosen few.

If the republicans can’t strip those things away in the spotlight, they will strip them in the shadows and in the corners, where they are far more dangerous. It is so important that even those in the bluest of states go and vote this November. If you don’t want to vote for Obama, don’t. But DO vote for liberal judges in your district that make GIGANTIC decisions for your community and set precedents for years to come. Vote for delegates that are tired of holding their noses for a party that doesn’t suit them. Vote for state congressmen that believe in unions, and immigration fairness. Vote for States Attorneys that prosecute those that would abuse power for their own gain. This election isn’t about the president that seemingly takes your vote for granted, it’s about the local policies that we take for granted.

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