Stand in solidarity with Chicago Public School Teachers

Chicago Teachers Plan to Strike
TODAY, Mon., Sept. 10
Swell the picket lines in the morning; flood the streets around CPS at teachers rally…

What you can do …

(1) Join the picket lines from 6:30 am to 10:30 am
(2) Join the rally at CPS at 3:30 pm
(3) Call the Mayor now at 312-744-3300 and tell him you demand a fair contract for the teachers and that you support public education!

Chicago Teachers Union Press Release.

Join the teachers in struggle

Barring a last minute agreement today, the Chicago Teachers Union will be going on strike this morning. The teachers are taking an important stand during a time of budget austerity, high unemployment and an aggressive attack on unions by the 1%. The Mayor and the Chicago Public School bosses are trying to paint the strike as harming the students–this is false.

Let’s be clear: There is more than enough money to fund public education and pay the teachers a fair wage. The Mayor is simply trying to aid the billionaires in smashing public education and our unions. He wants the teachers, and all workers by extension, to work longer hours under harsher conditions for less pay.

Mayor Emanuel’s kids do not go to public school. He is a former banker. When he was in congress, he co-sponsored the 2008 bailout bill that gave his friends at the failed banks $700 billion in our tax dollars–all with absolutely no strings attached. Emanuel is a typical capitalist politician. He robs from workers and the poor and gives to the rich.

What should we do during this time of austerity and union busting? Should we sit around and wait in the hopes that the economy will get better, work for lower and lower wages and live in a society where there is no social safety net, civil rights or public services? Or should we go into the streets and struggle with the Chicago teachers?

ANSWER Chicago and Students and Teachers Fight Back! are urging everyone to unite and struggle alongside the teachers. If they win, we win. It’s time for workers to leave the sidelines and fight back to defend our schools, our unions, our social services and our rights!

(via Huffington Post)

CPS Gets a Lesson in Social Justice

The suits who run Chicago Public Schools never would have tried the stunts they recently pulled at Chicago’s Social Justice High School had it been a largely white, middle-class school on the city’s Northwest Side.

In those neighborhoods — places like Sauganash and Edgebrook — CPS execs wouldn’t dare can a popular principal in August and then, without notice, foist a new principal upon a school and allow that hired gun to (1) fire the English department, (2) gut the school’s curriculum of any number of Advanced Placement (or comparable accelerated) classes, and (3) evade answering the community’s questions about those events.

No, the strong-arm tactics rolled out last month by Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s hand-picked education team in the largely Mexican-American Little Village neighborhood seem as if they came from a playbook designed for schools like School Justice — schools that are filled with poor black and brown kids.

But are the folks downtown really so out of touch that they didn’t expect push back from students, parents and teachers at a school that calls itself Social Justice?

Evidently, they are.

And is this mayor so hell-bent on busting the Chicago Teachers Union that his people brazenly — though, in this case, unsuccessfully — pick off union activists like Katie Hogan and Angela Sangha (both veteran English teachers at Social Justice) in the midst of ongoing, contentious labor negotiations with the CTU?

Time will tell.

Click here for the full article.

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