Jen Richards founder of We Happy Trans*, Exclusive Interview

Jen Richards founder of We Happy Trans*, Exclusive Interview

Jen Richards founder of We Happy Trans* sat down with The Qu’s Joe Varisco to discuss what her work via this social platform means, where it is going and a myriad of other investigations about identity in relationship to community.

Jen Richards

Jen Richards lives in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago and is quite happily in an asymptotic relationship to radical authenticity and in a permanent state of aporia. Jen is unabashedly proud to be a graduate of Shimer College, longtime member of the Theosophical Society in America, and an Outward Bound alum, has published articles, led workshops and presented talks on a variety of topics across the country, relishes her work in the arts as the Managing Director of eighth blackbird and President of New Music Chicago, and is the creator of She humbly requests your latitude as she figures out what the hell she is doing, and remains genuinely open to feedback. She earnestly loves truth, beauty and goodness. She also loves you, madly. Yes, you.

Click the link to listen to this fantastic interview!
Jen Richards (We Happy Trans_) Interview

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One comment on “Jen Richards founder of We Happy Trans*, Exclusive Interview
  1. Jen Richards says:

    Many thanks to The Qu and Joe Varisco for supporting the work of We Happy Trans!

    One important note: Joe and I talked for a long time and he did a wonderful job editing the conversation down to a succinct and well paced 30 minutes. So though I do talk about several of my collaborators, lost were my gushing comments about Kai, who designed and maintains the site, Noah Alvarez, who is responsible for much of the content and keeping the representations diverse, and the many other folks involved in launching Trans Love Stories. I remain acutely aware that none of these projects would have been possible without active involvement from a large team of people, for whom I’m profoundly grateful.

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