2012 "Values Voter Summit" shaken up by GetEQUAL

2012 “Values Voter Summit” shaken up by GetEQUAL

Family Research Council held their regular “Values Voter Summit” the weekend of Sept 14-16 in Washington, DC, and we wanted to make sure their narrative of intolerance and discrimination was met with the truth — that the “values” being espoused by this group are causing harm and violence to LGBT Americans across the country. FRC’s religion-based bigotry is causing LGBT youth to commit suicide and is giving license to those who are just looking for a reason to cause LGBT folks harm. We disrupted the event, yelling “Your ‘Values’ Are Killing Us” to make clear that FRC’s words and actions are having real, negative impacts.

After roughing up these non-violent activists and removing them from the hotel, the security staff pushed them all the way to the street, out of breath and struggling for words after having been put in choke-holds, having their mouths covered up, and being dragged out of the hotel — all with no resistance by the activists.

This video shows just how rough the security guards were with GetEQUAL activists, but also shows the violence of the attendees of the conference. Some yelled “Get out of my sight” and “I’ll kick your ass,” while another followed the activists out, yelling “Your lack of values are killing us” (particularly creative, we thought). Though the activists were not resisting the guards, over and over they were thrown around unnecessarily, and kicked by onlookers.

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