Queer Comedy at Zanies: September 25th

Queer Comedy at Zanies: September 25th

The critically acclaimed Queer Comedy at Zanie’s, fresh off its one year anniversary, brings you favorites and new faces alike! On Tuesday September 25th at 8:30pm, join headliner Gwen La Roka (Mikey O Comedy Show, TBS Just For Laughs) hosted by Adam Guerino (The Sarcastic Squad, Laugh Track at Sidetrack) and featuring Liza Treyger (SnubFest, TBS Just For Laughs,) Tom Fell and Archer Coe.

Presented by Outloud Chicago, OutLoud Chicago is a series created by Adam Guerino to bring queer entertainment to mainstream Chicago venues. Queer Comedy at Zanies has been featured in Timeout Chicago, The Redeye, Metromix and Gaper’s Block, and showcases the best queer and straight comedians of the country who have appeared on Comedy Central, BET, TBS Just For Laughs, A Night At The Apollo and Last Comic Standing. Each show has continued to show that no matter if the comedians or audience members are queer or straight, laughter knows no sexuality.

Headlined by Gwen La Roka. Since first taking the comedy scene by storm in 2009, Gwen La Roka is proving to be one of Chicago’s fastest up and coming comediennes. Her recent appearance in Mikey O’s “El Show Latino” for the TBS Just for Laughs Festival is just one of the growing list of high profile events that are a testament to her laughter stimulating talent. A Jacqueline of all trades, Gwen’s past stint with UIC’s “The Vagina Monologues”, Teatro Luna’s ravely reviewed “Machos”, and improv training at Second City Theatre has given her a grasp on acting, which she seamlessly combines to create her highly energetic comedy routine that keeps crowds laughing. Never forgetting her cultural roots and the need to relate to an audience, she incorporates real life experiences from her escapades of growing up in a Latin household to her struggles of being a skinny girl in the Windy City.

Outloud Chicago had a chance to talk to the headliner and ask her a few questions about comedy.

OC: What’s your favorite part about performing?

GR: Being on stage feeling the audience’s energy.

OC: What’s your least favorite part about performing?

GR: The million trips to the bathroom for the “nervous” piss!

OC: Who are some of your comedic inspirations?

GR: Jim Carrey, Martin Lawrence, Lucille Ball.

OC: Has being a comedian changed how you watch shows?

GR: Yes it has! Now that I’m a comic and know how most things work, I notice things that I didn’t pay much attention to before, like timing for instance! It’s cool to enjoy, watch, and learn from!

OC: Do you feel being a queer comedian is different than a straight comedian?

GR: Yes and no. Different due to the obvious, I’m queer therefore will have some queer material that I have actually lived and experiences, but then again not so different because comedy is comedy. It transcends gender, race, age…all of it. So at the end of the day, I may be Latina, Queer, and Female, but I’m still just a comedian on stage making people laugh about the things that bring us together in life, as human beings, period.


Hosted by Adam Guerino. Guerino is a stand-up comic, dating columnist and producer. He is the creator of OutLoud Chicago that brings queer entertainment to the mainstream and performs regularly at OutLoud Chicago’s Queer Comedy at Zanies shows as well as the weekly comedy variety show The Sarcastic Squad. He has been featured in comedy clubs all across the country and in Timeout Chicago’s Joke of The Week,The Redeye, Gaper’s Block, Huffington Post and Chicago Public Radio.


Liza Tregyer. Jokes weren’t allowed in the former Soviet Union so Liza Treyger moved to Chicago, Il and started doing stand up comedy. She loves wearing dresses and getting blow outs before getting on stage. In the past year she has participated in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, TBS Just For Laughs Chicago, Laugh Your Asheville Comedy Festival, and Snub Fest. She’s had the pleasure of travelling the country, doing tons of well respected shows in her hometown of Chicago, and doing comedy with her friends and heroes.

Also featuring up and coming sensation Tom Fell best known for his Southern charm and impressions. And the Queer Comedy at Zanies returning crowd favorite, Archer Coe.

OutLoud Chicago presents Queer Comedy at Zanies: Tuesday September 25th at 8:30pm at Zanies Comedy Club 1548 N Wells. Tickets are $12 in advance or $17or at the door. Available at the door, groups of 4 get one free ticket. Audience members must be ages 21 or over. Two item minimum.

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