GIRL GANG TRILOGY by Katrina del Mar: Exclusive Interview

GIRL GANG TRILOGY by Katrina del Mar: Exclusive Interview

Katrina del Mar is a New York-based art and commercial photographer, as well as an award winning filmmaker. Her work has been described as “beautiful” exuding an “intimate chemistry” and also as “filth of the highest quality.” Katrina directs and produces independent films, has produced television for the internet, while also covering the world of group and solo gallery shows, club installations, media design, production and publishing. Katrina has shown her work at Deitch Projects, The Museum for Contemporary Art (CAPC) in Bordeaux, France, American Fine Arts Company, Binz 39 in Switzerland, the Bass Museum of Art in Miami, the Miami Light Project, P.S. 122 in New York City, Wrong Weather Gallery in Porto Portugal, and the University of Cardiff in Wales.

We recently caught up with Katrina and discussed her career as a filmmaker, photographer, and artist!

Qu: Have you always been interested in film?
KDM: YES. I started out as a photographer but I started to make films when I was really young. I made video projects with my father, who was an artist. The first movie I made was shot on 8mm, edited on film. It was called Non Dairy Creamer. It’s about a witch that’s allergic to milk. The original copy got stolen out of my car outside the Pyramid Club. It was screened at The State University of New York and PS 122 and it made me more money than it cost even though it was screened publicly only about 3 times.

Qu:You are a triple threat, Photog/artist/filmmaker, do you find any one more or less rewarding or challenging than the others?
KDM: I think it’s a good thing to switch up mediums. It helps my brain when I play guitar because I’m not that good at it. ha. Photography for me is pretty easy and natural, I’ve been doing it my whole life, practically. Filmmaking is more challenging and hair raising and exciting. I have been writing more and more and that I find most difficult, simply because I get so easily distracted.

Qu: Regarding your films, you pretty much do it all, from casting, directing, producing, do I sense some control issues?
KDM: Ha! It’s really that I’m usually the only person available to to it for free. I get lots of help from gifted people but I do have to do lots of the work myself in the end. Trust me, I’d rather have a budget and delegate some of the responsibility.

Qu: You cast your films with friends of yours, does this help or hinder production?
KDM: Both. because my friends are great and talented people but they’re not professional actors so sometimes they roll their eyes when I give direction. ha!

Qu:You are sometimes referred to as the Lesbian Russ Meyer, how do you feel about this?
KDM: It’s great because of his one film that I really, really love: Faster Pussycat Kill Kill. I can kind of relate to his obsession with women. Just a little. Maybe a lot.

Qu: Who are your inspirations?
KDM: My father really helped me to see the world in a curious, questioning, different way. He inspired me to do art. Apart from that I’m inspired by Kembra Pfahler, I always say it, because she is just unrelentingly creative and was very kind to me when I was really in trouble. John Waters.

Qu: What are your hopes for queer cinema?
KDM: That it gets better, stays authentic, that it reaches people, inspires them and that it open hearts and minds. Does that sound hokey? I don’t care, I mean it. I think good queer films can give people hope. We live in this world that’s both big and small. So many people are still horribly oppressed and repressed. We get complacent in big cities, in our queer ghettoes and we start picking on each other within the queer community and I think we should be fucking grateful and reach out to people who really need us. Like kids in small towns and women in war zones. Not that queer films need to be about women in war zones but you know what I’m saying. Jesus. I was talking with someone recently who said films like Desperate Living and Female Trouble saved her fucking life. She was a teen runaway. She saw these films and felt like she could go on living, if there were other freaks out there like her then life was gonna be all right.

Qu: You are coming to Chicago to showcase your films, what are your feelings about our fair city?
KDM: I’m excited to come, I haven’t been to chicago since 2000, I think. I really had a blast then, it was the Chicago Underground Film Festival they have a cool festival and great parties. I saw some great bands. I always get apartment envy when I come to Chicago because I live in NYC. apartments here are so much better than NYC apartments.

Qu: Is there anyone specific in the LGBTQ community that you have dreams of working with?
KDM: Wow, I haven’t thought about it.

Qu: What does the future look like for Katrina Del Mar?
KDM: God I hope it just keeps kicking ass the way it has done. My life is a rich adventure full of love, sorrow, high kicks and full-on action. Keep it coming. I’m a lucky woman.

A HUGE thank you to Katrina Del Mar!

GIRL GANG TRILOGY by Katrina del Mar
Presented as part of The GATEWAY DRUGS Series
Katrina del Mar in Person!

Saturday, October 27th
1084 N Milwaukee Avenue
7:00 and 9:00 pm

HELL ON WHEELS GANG GIRLS FOREVER (HDV/Super 8mm 36 minutes 2010)

Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever (trailer) from Katrina del Mar on Vimeo.

SURF GANG (DV/Super 8mm 24 minutes 2005)

SURF GANG (trailer) from Katrina del Mar on Vimeo.

GANG GIRLS 2000 (Super8mm 27 minutes 1999)

Gang Girls 2000 (trailer) from Katrina del Mar on Vimeo.

Suggested Donation of $7-10.
Thanks for Supporting Chicago Cinema.

The 20th Annual Chicago Underground Film Festival will be held March 6-10, 2013 at The Logan Theater.

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