Qu 2012 Haunted House: The Asylum Xperiment

Qu chosen 2012 Haunted House: The Asylum Xperiment
By Scary Movie Club

The Qu and Chicago’s premiere Scary Movie Club joined together in their annual search for the best haunted house. After much search and testing it has been confirmed that you must leave the city to actually get a worthy experience. So, Amy Miller, Carmen Hernandez, Erik Roldan, Joey Grant and Micheal Kendal piled into a jeep cherokee and scooted over to Villa Park to The Asylum Xperiment. The short 19 miles out there went pretty fast expect for actually having one of those infamous iPhone apple maps issue where it guided us to the middle of nowhere. We arrived at the 45,000 square space with anticipations and already fighting over who would be first, last and in the middle. Of course SMC was VIP, and we were lead to a an elevator with a very large fellow who brought us to a part of the line that skips through the long wait. Which we highly recommend especially since a squealing ghoul screams how very important you are and that you get to skip the line. A much deserved perk. This place was no joke, there were holograms, animations and over 100 actors giving you blood chilling screams throughout the huge space. Some of our group decide they are not into those spinning rooms, and also the squishy walls, but it all comes down to to individual preference. Creators Dave Link and Mike Skodacek have an eye for detail that can not be ignored. They created a maze of traditional scares with modern twists. Some areas, like the kitchen and zombie zone felt like you were on the set of a movie. We highly recommend this and make sure you get there before this years halloween season is over.

Micheal Kendal: “I thought the detail in the art direction was really impressive. I also enjoyed that it wasn’t quite as heavily padded with the obstacle course-type stuff that other haunted houses are. There was the obligatory spinny tunnel, and a couple narrow hallways, but thankfully no punching bag mazes.”

Carmen Hernandez: “I felt the Asylum Experiment threw out surprises right up to the end. The post-apocalyptic “zombieland” was really well designed. I also enjoyed the way they messed with the senses. Very creepy.”

Erik Roldan “I loved the whole experience! I thought all the actors were particularly skilled and trained to frighten guests without infringing upon personal space. I also noticed the abundance of female actors — very cool.”

The Odeum Expo
Center – 1033 N. Villa Avenue, Villa Park, IL 60181 – Two blocks West of Route
83, four blocks North of North Avenue. – (630) 941-9292 http://www.odeumexpo.com
Every Friday & Saturday in October from 7:00 pm to 12:00 am.
Also, beginning Sunday, October 7th, every Sunday & Thursday in October from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm.
Open HALLOWEEN from 7pm to 10:30pm.

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