Marcia's Law – Hope Is the Thing with Feathers

Marcia’s Law – Hope Is the Thing with Feathers “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul – and sings the tunes without the words – and never stops at all.” -Emily Dickinson Following an illness resulting from a broken leg, our friend’s mother passed away. While it is always good to see our friends, this was going to be a sad occasion. But, we went. After a long drive on a rainy night, we found the church tucked away on a side street amidst the trees. The sign on the overhang said, “All Are Welcome Here.” Inside, we were greeted warmly and directed to where the service would be held. After we extended our condolences and found our seats, the Minister began recounting the life of a woman I did not know. But listening to how she raised her children, worked as a librarian, contributed to her church and community, I gained a sense of what a compassionate person she had been. More, I had the feeling that she was already deeply missed. Each of her children came forward and read a poem, related a story, and talked about how much their mother meant to them. She had clearly been rich in the ways that matter; love and generosity. I was deeply moved. But, what touched me the most is when her daughter-in-law spoke about her. Her story began with when her then girlfriend brought her home to meet the parents. She had been intimidated, frightened in fact, of what their response to her would be. What she found from the outset was that her mother-in-law embraced her as one of her own. She was loved and included immediately. And so, when our friend’s mother was fighting for her life in the hospital, it was she, her “daughter-in-law,” who spent every day with her, caring for her, talking to her, soothing her, loving her protectively even as everyone knew her days were numbered. And it was she who clearly felt that she received more than she could ever give. Because that is the nature of love; it transcends all bounds. Our friends, who are lesbians, feel that love as deeply as any heterosexual couple and, more importantly, they are equally as capable of returning that love. With a love as pure and selfless as this, it is difficult to fathom how anyone could believe that it is evil. After the service, I stepped into the hallway to peruse the posters and announcements on the bulletin boards. Alongside the book club notices, entreaties to engage in religious education, and schedule of services, I found an announcement for an LGBTQ support group. And it dawned on me…yes, all WERE welcome here. And, I saw how beautiful that is. The children who attended (and acted like squirmy children do when instructed to sit still and stay silent), were children who will learn what real love and compassion is. Because they are being TAUGHT to love; they are being taught that there is no fear in loving another human being. There is only joy. So, when people condemn homosexuality as evil, wishing bodily harm to those who are LGBTQ, I feel great sorrow. I feel sadness not only for those who are LGBTQ and have to endure such ignorance; I feel an even greater grief for those who do not understand that their hatred is what creates suffering. If you hate that which you do not know, do not understand, and do not tolerate, you cannot possibly know true love and the happiness it brings you. Our friend’s mother clearly had a great deal of love in her life. I believe that the love she was able to take was equal to the love she made. And, I regret that I did not know her in life. But, this service, these people, and this church left me with a tremendous feeling of hope. Because just as pure unadulterated love flourishes here; it can thrive anywhere. Perhaps, that is her greatest legacy of all; that there is hope for a better tomorrow anywhere there is love. …And I’m just a mom who loves her son…

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One comment on “Marcia's Law – Hope Is the Thing with Feathers
  1. Kelly hallin says:

    Thank you Marcia . You have Pat a final gift.

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