Premiere 2013 erotica Calendar Q-were

Premiere 2013 erotica Calendar Q-were

2013 is already shaping up to be the hottest year on record, thanks to Q-were, a new yearly erotic calendar by Chicago photographer Patience Meeks. Q-were made its debut during a premiere held at Chicago’s Beauty Bar one sultry August evening and partygoers couldn’t keep their hands off the 13-page spread. The calendar stars a tough but gorgeous centerfold named Rosie (shown above) as well as 16 other drool-worthy models. Geared towards the LGBTQ community, Q-were intends to not just function as an erotic calendar, but also a centerpiece that will help create dialogues that encourage and promote sexual expression.

Creator, set designer, stylist and “self-personal assistant” Patience Meeks shot the calendar in Chicago between winter and spring of 2012. Born and raised in the Second City, Meeks is filled with civic pride but has no intentions of keeping her calendar a local project. Meeks is currently
planning Q-were launch parties not only in Chicago but also California, New York and even Paris. The list is growing daily.

“This project is the love child of randomness, photography and an eternal thirst for fun,” Meeks, a Columbia College graduate, explains. “I really fell for the idea of [Q-were] and wanted to have fun while using my degree. I’ve met a lot of new amazing people this year! That alone is inspiration for Q-were 2014.”

The 2013 calendar displays a diverse spectrum of individuals, with 2014 promising an even bigger expansion on diversity.

Shooting for next year’s installment will start after January with Meeks already on the lookout for captivating new subjects. 2013’s Q-were is just the first chapter of an anthology that will catalogue a part of the queer community. Past and current events are posted below. Q-were is for sale on the official website ( and is also available wholesale for any
interested retailers.

Get your copy at Early to Bed Chicago!

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