At The Flash, a NEW play by Sean Chandler and David Leeper REVIEW

At The Flash, a NEW play by Sean Chandler and David Leeper REVIEW

By Anna Castillo

‘At The Flash’, a play by Sean Chandler and David Leeper, winner of the Pride Films and Plays Great Gay Plays and Musical Contest 2012, had it’s world Premier on November 17, 2012 at the Center on Halsted’s Hoover-Leppen Theatre. It is a story of five characters, Richard – a 1960s closeted man, Ms. Sparkle – a black drag queen in the 70s, Derrick – a club kid from the 80s, Mona – a young lesbian activist of the 90s, and Rod – a gay family man who reopens the At the Flash bar/restaurant in the present. All characters are played by one man, David Leeper, under the direction of David Zak. David Leeper is also co-author of the play and legally married to co-author Sean Chandler.





















The 80 minute show starts out with the character Rod, family man/entrepeneaur of The Flash in its’ reopening day. The show goes from one character to the next, each character in their eras, but not in chronological order. I will admit, sometimes that can be a bit confusing to follow but Zak does an amazing job character switching each scene, making it easy to follow them. The show focuses on one day each character is at The Flash and their struggles and issues in their life. This play is amazingly written, each character is extremely relatable, whether it reflects your own life or someone you may know or have met. Gay or straight, you will enjoy the show, there will be a part of the play or a line you will not forget. “I swear to Cher” this show will make you think. It will make you think about how the LGBTQ community has come since the 1960s.

The show will run until December 16, 2012. $25 tickets with a portion of each ticket supporting programs at the Center on Halsted. The show made me laugh, made me think, made me reflect on my own life as a coming out later in life as a lesbian. I truly enjoyed the show and encourage everyone to see it.

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