Chicago Queers are Amazing – Eric Dresner

Chicago Queers are Amazing – Eric Dresner

Eric Dresner is one of the most amazing members of the Chicago queer community that has an impeccably original style that is impossible to ignore. Whether you see him at Chances, Making Out With Wes Perry and Friends or popping up in Seth and Kellen videos, Eric’s strong lqqk always has all eyes on him.

Check out this interview from Big Boy Vintage!

BBV Style Q&A

Name – Eric Dresner

Age – 24

Location – Chicago

What inspires your fashion choices?

ED – Growing up in the Nickelodeon age, I feel like my propensity for loving all things bright/neon/patterned/slime colored came through natural TV osmosis. Unlike most, I never really let that love go, and when I see a new pattern or something abstract in creation I must have it. I once wrote a book report on how I would only read fantasy novels forever, and while I have diversified my tastes in the realm of literature, my fashion choices have more or less stayed true to that genre, fantastical.

Where are you favorite places to shop?

ED – This is a three tiered response. I thrift compulsively, and my closet is nearing hoarder status because of it. Chicago is an amazing place to find incredible (read: bright, sparkly, gaudy) used treasures for nearly nothing. The north side is almost always picked over, so I like to go digging in the southern and southwestern suburbs, where people were rich enough to buy department store clothes in the 70s/80s/90s but nouveau riche enough to buy insane things with sequins and embroidered cats, etc. all over them. My absolute goldmine is the Salvation Army at 87th and Cicero. When I want a quick fix for the most incredible, out of this galaxy 80s and 90s vintage without having to dig at the Unique thrift, I go to Kokorokoko in Wicker Park. Owners Sasha and Ross are the best and have the most well curated store I have ever (read: ever ever) stepped foot in. Ross is a fellow big boy and therefore there are always tons of options for us ursine types. When I feel like splurging and have received my tax rebate for the year, I will spend that coin online and buy retail from Opening Ceremony or Weltenbuerger. Gotta treat ourselves sometimes, right?

What is your favorite color?

ED – Purple

Do you have an item of clothing that you can’t get rid of?

ED – Like I said before, I am verging on hoarder status, so I would never want to part with a lot of my stuff. But if there is one thing that I can see having for the rest of my life, whether is was way too big/small, tattered or covered in ketchup stains, it would be my red olive sweater. Best thrift find every made and one of the most beautifully graphic pieces of clothing I have ever come across (very Jeremy Scott). I will cherish it forever.

What is your favorite time of year for fashion? and why?

ED – Fall, hands down. The versatility in temperature allows for maximal layering potential. Prints on prints on prints.

Favorite place to eat in your neighborhood?

ED – My neighborhood (Andersonville) is full of really good, bougie eateries, that I love, but my absolute favorite eat street is Devon Avenue a tiny jaunt north and chocked full of deliciously dirt cheap Indian buffets and Georgian baked goods (think hot, flaky and cheesy)

What do you listen to when you get ready to go out?

ED – My best friend used to have this amazing playlist called “party party party” which had the best mid-millennial crunk jams on it. I would do just about anything to get my hands on that at this point. Now, depending on my mood, I will either put on Kraftwerk, Crystal Castles, SSION or Selda Bagcan.

Favorite beverage?

ED – Oreo milkshake

The Qu loves him, and so should you! Check out more Eric below in this funny skit with Seth and Kellen!

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