RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars – Episode 5

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars – Episode 5

All right, if you haven’t watched yet, I suggest you just scroll past all the text and watch because there are gonna be some SPOILER ALERTS in my rant.

When I was gearing up for last nights show, I was so excited because we were on our way to seeing Chad Michaels and Shannel hit the road! Turns out this was one of the worst episodes, in my opinion, ever.

We had to suffer through so much of Shannel taking a “leadership” position and realizing, “oh yeah…she can’t do it!” The final challenge was comic book heros and villains, and when watching, it is my belief that RuJubee turned it OUT, where team Shad fell a little flat. Needless to say the judges (including special guest judges Elvira and Wendi McLendon-Covey) did not agree with me. Team RuJubee was in the bottom, they had to lip sync for their lives! Against each other! I was mortified! One of these ladies were going to be my all star!

The girls were so upset that they had to compete against each other, that they gave one of the WORST lip sync’s EVER! So by the end I was thinking to myself, “maybe one of these girls are the weakest link.”

So after a “hum drum” performance the producers of Drag Race All Stars decided to piss me off again by, NOT SENDING ANYONE HOME! Are you kidding me? What have I been sitting here for, besides the fabulous delivery and chatting with my best squirrel friend Lucy? This could have been a clip show for Christ sake!

Anyway, starting next week, teams are no more. Every girl for themselves. Next Monday we will have a winner. Basically if it isn’t Shannel, I’ll be fine!

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