NOM warns young people not to have gay friends

NOM warns young people not to have gay friends

Hide your kids folks, having gay friends is NO GOOD! You got to give it to The National Organization for Marriage. They do not back down. Now it isn’t just marriage equality they are speaking out against, it’s also having gay friends.

Jennifer Roback Morse of Nom’s Ruth Institute gave a Thanksgiving message to young people to talk about the pressure they feel to support equality for LGBTQ people. They are pressured because of their gay friends and peers.

The only way to relieve themselves of all of this terrible pressure is just to ostracize anyone who is openly gay, and only talk with people who are equally anti-gay. Thank you NOM, you never cease to amaze us, of course you are quickly losing your marriage battle. So it makes sense to target the kids, get them while they are young. The hetero agenda is alive and well, and they are coming for your CHILDREN!

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