Your Holiday Mom: Loving Moms Supporting LGBTQ Children this Holiday Season

Your Holiday Mom: Loving Moms Supporting LGBTQ Children this Holiday Season.

The Holidays are supposed to mean love, giving, and family but unfortunately this is not always the case for some people. Some LGBTQ folks have experienced rejection from the ones they love because of who they are. This can be devastating to some who find themselves alone during the holidays. We came across this amazing website, and we wanted to share it with our LGBTQ family! If you are loving parent, and want to send your support to LGBTQ youth, please check out their “about our moms” section for details. And if you are looking for more inspiration, check out our chosen moms, Marcia Prichason, and her weekly column “Marcia’s Law.”

This season, supportive moms have gathered to send a holiday message to all LGBTQ children, teens and young adults who are without family support and who would like a “stand-in Holiday Mom”-or 40! Knowing that not every mother is ready to accept her own LGBTQ child exactly as-is (as hard as this is for us to imagine), we moms have written to extend our love beyond that of our own family.

We are not celebrity moms. We are everyday moms from average, everyday homes. Many, but not all, have LGBTQ children of our own (hence, some moms use full names and photos, and some do not). Many, but not all, are straight. Some are single moms with little or no extended family, others are married with several children with large extended families. In other words, even the moms here represent diversity. The vast majority of us came together because we heard about the project, and have never met the founder or each other. The common bond we share is that we are so full of love and pride for our own children-LGBTQ and straight-we wanted to extend ourselves beyond our own families and do something more.

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