We Happy Trans: The Trans 100

We Happy Trans: The Trans 100

Our friends at We Happy Trans are continuing to do awesome things! Check this out!

“We Happy Trans is thrilled to partner with This is HOW for the launch of the Trans 100.

This will be a list of 100 trans activists currently working in the U.S. to improve the conditions of the community and the lives of those in it.

We are now looking for nominations, particularly persons of colors, those working quietly behind the scenes, and the otherwise unsung heroes. All the nominees will be listed for a 2nd round of community voting, with the final 100 list published early in the new year. The Trans 100 is not a contest: the list will be unranked, and the vote tally will not be publicized. It is intended to applaud the hard work of those in our community, and as a resource to showcase the breadth, depth and diversity of our activism.”

The form for submitting nominations can be accessed here. For more on the origin of the idea, see Toni D’Orsay’s blog here.

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