Marco Rubio doesn't pass judgement on the sinner

Marco Rubio doesn’t pass judgement on the sinner

The Republican party is working in over time to give the GOP a fresh, young, hip, and more accepting look so they can win back the middle class. However, their new golden boy, Senator Marco Rubio was asked about homosexuality, we get the same basic answer comparing the LGBTQ community to liars and thieves. Cause no one “sin” is bigger than the others.

In the video below Rubio says that he does not pass judgement on people, but as a policy maker he is guided by his “faith.” His record is pretty clear however, Rubio opposed allowing same-sex couples to adopt in Florida. He opposed allowing gay and lesbian members of the Armed Services to serve openly. He opposes making it illegal to fire someone just for being LGBT. Finally, he worked with NOM on a robocall campaign to encourage voters to choose agains pro-equality politicians during the November elections.

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One comment on “Marco Rubio doesn't pass judgement on the sinner
  1. […] Marco Rubio, being championed as a face of a more tactful and mindful GOP, pretty much shows he’s a dick, and doesn’t hate gay people– but hates sin (a well trod crap line).   […]

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