Granddaughters of Fred Phelps no longer members of the Westboro Baptist Church

Once called the ‘the future’ of Westboro Baptist Church, the hate group based out of Topeka, Megan Phelps-Roper and her sister Grace are now seen as betrayers after separating from their family November.

Megan Phelps-Roper









In an online statement Megan said, “We know that we dearly love our family. They now consider us betrayers, and we are cut off from their lives, but we know they are well-intentioned. We will never not love them.

“We know that we can’t undo our whole lives. We can’t even say we’d want to if we could; we are who we are because of all the experiences that brought us to this point. What we can do is try to find a better way to live from here on. That’s our focus.”

“Up until now, our names have been synonymous with ‘God Hates Fags.’ Any twelve-year-old with a cell phone could find out what we did. We hope Ms. Kyle was right about the other part, too, though – that everything sticks – and that the changes we make in our lives will speak for themselves.”

They are currently staying with their cousin Libby Phelps Alvarez, who left Westboro in 2009, and her husband in Lawrence, Kansas.

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