Murdered Transgender Rapper in Milwaukee still missing

Murdered Transgender Rapper in Milwaukee still missing

Six weeks after he was killed by several acquaintances, police still can’t find the body of 22-year-old Evon Young.

Evon Young

The 22-year-old up-and-coming musician was murdered on New Year’s Day by a gang of five men who had been his friends. His death was a classic case of overkill: he was tied up, beaten with fists and other objets, choked with a chain, had a bag taped over his head, he was then shot, set on fire, and discarded into a dumpster.

The media was quick to point out that his murder had nothing to do with him being transgender, being that he was deeply closeted, though his family and friends have been quick to dispute that. One of his best friends gave an anonymous interview with that illuminates the case. The media and the police in the region used Young’s birth name and often identified him as female, despite the fact that he had been male-identified by his family and his public records.

His mother, who reported him missing, also alleged that police were slow to search for Young because he was a young, black, transgender man.

The men arrested for his murder include Young’s roommate, Billy R. Griffin, 26, who, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, initially said Young had gotten into a car with someone on Jan. 1 and never returned. He later admitted to police that the other four men, who were part of a gang, came to his house and told him to kill Young in order to return to the gang. Police reports say that Griffin admitted the men told him that “Young couldn’t be trusted” but did not clarify what they meant by that and whether his gender identity could be part of the subterfuge they alleged.

The other four men, Griffin alleges, killed Young that day. Police arrested Victor Stewart, 27, Ashanti Mcalister, 19, Ron Allen, 37, and Devin Seaberry, 23.

Last week officials called off a search of a local landfill, after one of the suspects claimed to have dropped the body there. However, new developments have occurred as of Sunday this week. A body was found discarded near a dumpster and though the family of Young are still waiting on DNA to confirm, they have hope for closure.

Tea Williams, Young’s aunt said, “Of course it’s in a location not far from where they found evidence directly related to this incident so we started to call my sister, she hadn’t heard anything and right away we called the detectives to see what was going on and they didn’t know anything at the time.

“We are all really hopeful that we will get some resolution but in the same token it just brings up more fears, because now if bodies are found this is what we are going to go through.

“It’s so disturbing for us to get a phone call, a body is found, and we’re up and we don’t know whether to go or what, we are just at a loss of what to do every time we get a call.”

Young’s family as well as the police say it’ll take a few days for DNA results to get back before they know the identification of the body.

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