Comedian Bill Cruz chats with The Qu

Comedian Bill Cruz chats with The Qu

Bill Cruz is back for OutLoud Chicago’s Queer Comedy at Zanies 3rd season! Mr. Cruz will be playing host this Tuesday February 26th, it’s a real good time, we suggest you go!

Bill Cruz

Qu: Thanks for coming back on the site! You’re hosting Queer Comedy at Zanies for the second time but you’ve also headlined it. How is hosting different than headlining?

BC: As the host, you are the face of the show, the one constant that is a guide for the audience. You let them know what’s coming up, and remind them of all the great acts. Also, you can’t drink as much as you’d like to: Got to Stay Sharp and remember all those names!

Qu: In addition to playing mainstream shows, you’ve played more community-based shows such as queer comedy and Latino comedy. You’re a triple threat! How are the two niche shows and audiences alike? And how are they different?

BC: I treat each audience the same really, I aim to have my material and persona be accessible to all audiences. However, I can do a ton more Drag Race references and say “Guuurrrlll” more at Queer Comedy Shows. No “T,” No “Shade”!

Qu: Out of all the Queer Comedy at Zanies comedians, you’ve had more experience in comedy. Are there more queer comedians working today than previous years?

BC: A lot more, which I love to see! When I was starting out you could count the queer comedians on one hand. Now that comedy has reached out to broader audiences, you practically have to get naked to count all the Queers Comics doing Standup! It really warms my heart.

Qu: What’s the skinny, how has Queer Comedy at Zanies changed the comedy community, queer and otherwise?

BC: I think it has helped bring Queer Voices into the mainstream Comedy business. It shows that not only does the Queer Community have a profitable commodity for Comedy Venues to have within their stable of talent, but it also shows the Queer Community that they are a welcomed patron to these establishments. Comedy should be for everyone!

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